Selection Criteria

These criteria are in addition to the expectation that all eligibility requirements have been met by the submitted proposal:

Selection Criteria

Project scope and aims

  • What is the character and quality of the research question?
  • Are the project work plan and budget practicable within the granting period?
  • What are the expected outcomes for the project team and/or individual members?

Integration of reciprocity and redistribution 

  • Does the proposal demonstrate co-creation of project design with stakeholders/collaborators?
  • How will equitable collaboration among community partners, faculty, and graduate students be sustained?
  • What is the rationale for remuneration of labor contributions? How are these commitments reflected in the budget?

Selection Process

The HWW Grand Research Challenge selection committee comprises members with PhDs in humanities disciplines working in various roles: those of faculty, higher ed administration, and/or non-profit organizations.

The selection committee will meet in December of 2022; results will be shared with applicants by mid-January of 2023.